Krone EasyCut 4013 CV

Krone EasyCut 4013 CV for sale at Hines Equipment, A full-service equipment dealer in Central Pennsylvania.

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Krone EasyCut 4013 CV for sale at Hines Equipment, A full-service equipment dealer in Central Pennsylvania.



EasyCut 3210 CV | 3210 CRi

Featuring mid-mounted drawbar and conditioner

  • Cutting to the left and right
  • Ideal for up and down operation in any direction
  • Enormous agility thanks to swivel gearbox
  • DuoGrip center-of-gravity suspension
  • EasyCut 4013 CV 3.86 m (12'8") transport width

EasyCut 3210 CV, 3210 CRi, 4013 CV: Ideal for up and down operation, these high-capacity trailed disc mowers from KRONE with mid-mounted drawbar cut at widths of 3.14 m (10'4") and 4 m (13'2"). Both units feature a standard conditioner. All central drawbar versions feature the full-width CV and CRi conditioners as standard.

Up and down operation: The mid-mounted pivoting drawbar allows matching up in either direction, a method that produces forage of a consistently high quality and dry matter contents. There is no need of harvesting in beds and you always exploit the full work width when using a front mower. As another advantage animals are not trapped in the field but are driven out to the side.

Changing sides: The double-acting ram swings the mower over to the other side in up and down operation and swings it centrally behind the tractor into transport position.

40 km/h roads travel: Measuring a maximum transport width of 3.00 m (9'10"), EasyCut 3210 CV and 3210 CRi are approved for travel on public roads.


  EasyCut 4013 CV
Drawbar version mid-mount
Work width                                 approx. mm  
Transport width                         approx. mm  
No. of discs  
No. of top hats  
SafeCut Standard
Quick-change blades Standard
Bolted knives Option
High-cutting skids Option
Conditioner V-steel tines
Rotor diameter                                         mm 642 (2'1")
Roller diameter                                        mm
Conditioner speed                                  rpm 600/900
Wide conditioner system                        mm 2,500 (8'2")
Wide spreading guide plates
Cross conveyor belt
Hydraulic conversion Swath boards
Tire size / work position 15.0/55-17/10 PR
Tires Transport 15.0/55-17/10 PR
Area output approx.                              ha/h
4.5 - 5
(11.1 - 12.4)
Input power kW/hp 74 / 100
PTO speed 1,000 rpm Standard
PTO speed 540 rpm
Hydraulic couplers 1 x sa
1 x da
Air brake system
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