Krone Big X 1180

Krone Big X 1180 for sale at Hines Equipment, A full-service equipment dealer in Central Pennsylvania.

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Krone Big X 1180 for sale at Hines Equipment, A full-service equipment dealer in Central Pennsylvania.



The crop flow

  • Top quality chop from 6 intake rollers
  • High throughput with universal and biogas drums
  • Flexible chop lengths through VariLOC and the use of only half the number of blades
  • Continuous crop flow from VariStream
  • Variable crop throw is an option using StreamControl
  • VariQuick – quick changeovers between corn and grass


Its innovative technology makes the BIG X a superior chopper with respect to performance and quality. Chopping lengths can be set to individual requirements by adjusting the speeds of the intake rollers and using different numbers of blades on the chopping drum. Highest through puts are implemented by the spring-loaded floor underneath the drum and a spring-loaded accelerator backplate which guarantee a continuous crop flow.

The intake system  

  • Hydraulic drive: LOC steplessly adjustable from cab
  • 6 pre-compression rollers for a top quality chop
  • Metal detector protects against damage from foreign objects

On a precision forage harvester it is also the intake system that has an influence on the quality of chop. The 6 intake rollers on BiG X compress the material consistently at a high pressure so that it is easier and more precisely chopped. The hydraulic drive of the intake system allows operators to choose between setting the LOC manually or automatically.

The chopping assembly 

  • KRONE chopping drums with 20, 28, 36, 40 or 48 blades
  • High inertia: enclosed 660 mm (2'2") diameter drums
  • Bespoke 800 mm (2'7") wide drums for the BiG X 680, 780, 880 and 1180 models
  • Extremely fuel-efficient courtesy of a high inertia and pulling cuts

Matching the drum dimensions to the forager model and choosing the optimum number of blades not only boosts machine power but also makes the forager more flexible to suit more applications. The wide range of OptiMaize drums that are available for BiG X deliver top-quality chops in versatile applications anywhere in the world.

The KRONE OptiMaxx roller conditioners 

  • OptiMaxxroller conditioners with 250 or 305 mm (9" or 1') diameters
  • Slanted teeth for perfect conditioning to combine with OptiMaize S-XL drums
  • The gap between the rollers is conveniently adjusted from the cab
  • A strong spring assembly provides a consistent and high pressure
  • Maximum fracturing from an up to 50 % speed difference (option)

Every single kernel must be cracked to achieve an optimal digestibility. These user demands are perfectly met by the new OptiMaxx 250/305 roller conditioners with their slanted teeth, a new KRONE development.


  • Optimaize is a versatile and unique system
  • Gearbox on the chopping drum switches flexibly from short cuts to long cuts
  • Switching the drum speed takes a few minutes
  • No downtime, no machine conversion, no up-front planning

Forming an integral part of the pulley, KRONE VariLOC is a gearbox that alters the speed of the chopping drum. By simply changing the drum speed from 1250 to 800 rpm using a standard open-end wrench, you can increase the chopping drum’s LOC range by up to 53%. This system allows operators to momentarily change from short to long chops and vice versa and meet different customer needs without a major changeover - this is the concept of OptiMaize. In conjunction with the roller conditioner with 105/123 teeth or with the disc conditioner, this technology turns the BiG X into a real all-round forage harvester that offers its owner and user maximum flexibility.


  • Fast changeovers from grass to corn conditioning and vice versa
  • A chain drive lowers the unit conveniently
  • The changeover takes just a few minutes
  • Fast and easy removal of the corn conditioner

VariQuick is the system that allows operators to converse BiG X very quickly from maize to grass. A chain drive (electric option) moves the corn conditioner out of or into the crop flow. If the corn conditioner is not used for longer periods of time, you can lower it and remove it from the machine by pulling it out to the side.


  • Consistent performance in inconsistent crop flows
  • Extremely smooth running – also in lumpy swaths
  • High throughputsTop quality chop
  • Operator comfort to perfection

KRONE VariStream comprises a spring-loaded floor beneath the chopping drum and a spring-loaded back plate in the crop accelerator housing. The system ensures blockage free and smooth operation, even in varying volumes of crop. The technology allows operators to get maximum productivity and use less fuel per hour.


  • An adjustable crop throw at the touch of a button from the cab
  • Tight crop stream even with a long crop throw
  • The shorter the crop throw, the less power is needed
  • Fills the trailer accurately without spillage

The crop throw is controlled from the cab by adjusting the door in the backplate on the crop accelerator. This way, operators can adjust the throw quickly to the current filling situation. As the accelerator needs less power to cover a short distance, the Operator can free up engine output and use it for chopping and higher throughputs.

The headers 

  • Headers are swapped easily
  • Convenient attachment and removal
  • Very short set-up timesCompact combination
  • Maximum safety

The multi-coupler system of the BiG X allows operators to couple headers fast, easy and dependably from the seat, reducing changeover times when preparing for road travel or different crops. This way, more time is spent on productive work.

The engines 

  • 8- or 12-cylinder V-engines from Liebherr
  • Compact V design for transverse mounting
  • Final Tier 4 / Stage 4 or 5 compliant
  • 687-1156 hp maximum continuous engine power
  • High efficiency and quiet running

Advanced Common-Rail engine technology from Liebherr suggests superior outputs and fuel economy. The engines stand out for optimum torques, quiet running, superb fuel economy and high efficiencies.

The multiple tank concept 

  • Seven different tank systems are available for maximum flexibility
  • Customers can opt for more fuel or more silage additives
  • Integral silage additive applicator with small/large dose rates as an option
  • Maximum fill capacities for long working days

A system of several tanks allows customers to specify the reservoirs on the machine to their needs – fuel, silage additive and water tanks can be added and configured in as many as seven different arrangements that meet individual needs around the world.

KRONE LiftCab 

  • Extremely spacious and quiet
  • Maximum seating and operator comfort
  • 360° panoramic view
  • Optimum visibility from the raised LiftCab (option)

It takes a comfortable working place to stay fit and alert during those long working days. The spacious Silent Space cab offers such an ideal environment. Providing generous space to the operator and a passenger, it provides a fully air-conditioning and an absolutely functional working place. The exclusive LiftCab offers an unprecedented panoramic view from a height of up to 70cm.




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