Krone Fortima V 1500

Krone Fortima V 1500 for sale at Hines Equipment, A full-service equipment dealer in Central Pennsylvania.

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Krone Fortima V 1500 for sale at Hines Equipment, A full-service equipment dealer in Central Pennsylvania.



Variable chamber balers

  • Variable 1.00 m to 1.50 m (3'3" to 4'11") or 1.00 m to 1.80 m (3'3" to 5'11") diameter bales
  • Two separate and endless elevators give dependable operation in the most difficult conditions
  • A heavy-duty design that copes with very heavy material 

A combined grip on the bale: Fortima is equipped with two chain-and-slat elevators, one operating at the front end and the other at the rear to develop high baling pressures and produce perfectly shaped bales.

Stunning simplicity: As more and more material enters the bale chamber, the two chain elevators press layer by layer to form tight and well-shaped round bales. The slats mesh with the crop to provide positive bale rotation at any stage of the baling cycle. The baling pressure is supplied by a hydraulic ram that actuates the tensioners at the front and rear ends. As soon as the bale has reached its preset diameter, twine or net wrapping is triggered. As a last step, the tailgate opens and the bale is ejected.

Variable bale chamber
Carefully designed down to the smallest detail

  • Bale density is controlled infinitely variably
  • The extra spiral roller speeds up bale starts
  • The optional bale ejector ejects the bale actively

Small-diameter bales: Small diameters are typically required in silage applications, because small bales are easier to handle, break up and feed. The 1.00 - 1.30 m (3'3" - 4'3") diameter bales produced by Fortima V 1500 suit most wrappers perfectly.

Large-diameter bales: Large-diameter bales are often preferred in straw and hay as they offer better efficiency, save wrapping material and reduce labor costs.

The cutting-edge concept

  • Controlled cutting results in a superior quality
  • 64 mm (2.5") chops by the full set of 17 knives
  • Central knife selection system quickly changes cutting lengths

Perfect cuts: A maximum of 17 knives are narrowly spaced at 64 mm (2.5") to produce bales that are easy to break up and spread. The knives are arranged in one row for an excellent quality of cut.

Fully protected: The automatic ‘Non-Stop’ auto-reset system and the hydraulic 0-blade selection system are standard specification. The hydraulic 0-blade selection is used to remove potential blockages from the feed channel.

The controlled cutting system by KRONE: The double tines pull the crops consistently through the blades. The clearance between the blades and the double tines is very narrow so the crop cannot escape and the cuts are clean and precise.

Chain-and-slat elevator

The chain-and-slat elevator
A gripping system

  • High baling densities
  • Powerful bale roll
  • Less fragmentation
  • Low power input

The ‘grippy’ system for straw, hay and silage bales: Round balers harvest straw, hay and wilted silage around the world in a wide variety of conditions that require full operational reliability. The chainand-slat elevators respond to these requirements and operate dependably in all these conditions. These elevators will deliver – gentle but firm on the material, with slats ‘meshing’ with the bale to provide positive rotation and maximum baling pressure.

Longevity and high density: The heavy-duty chain-and-slat elevator runs on massive guide and drive rollers. The use of more chain links distributes the load more evenly and the use of massive rollers increases the angle at which the chains change direction, reducing the wear on the elevator, increasing its capacity and leading to smooth running. Individual chain links are easy to replace as required.

Perfect wraps for perfect bales

  • Short baling cycles for more bales per hour
  • Bales break up quickly and easily
  • Compact feed system and positive net feed

Less fuel per bale: Fortima’s net wrap system is straight forward by design and offers superior functionality. The advantage of net wrapping is that it is faster than twine wrapping and helps you produce more bales per hour. Higher throughputs free up valuable time that can be spent on other jobs and cut the tractor’s fuel consumption per bale. The net wrap system accepts rolls with a total net length of up to 3,600 m (11,811 ft).

For long working days: The large storage compartment holds three net rolls and protects them from rain. The rolls may provide up to 3,600 m (11,811 ft) of netting and are secured by a retainer.

Easy fitting: Fitting the rolls or balls is easy and convenient from the ground. To replace an empty net roll, simply swing out the dispenser arm and slide the fresh roll onto it. Then the net is fed into the net wrap system.

Operating console

More comfort, less fatigue

  • High operator comfort from a graphical user interface
  • Clear design
  • Compact size

The control center: All Fortima balers can be specified with the on-board comfort electronic system, which processes the sensor signals automatically for the control unit.

Well-shaped bales: All Fortima F models are specified with the Medium level electronic system. Two pointers on each side of the machine‘s front indicate the current baling pressure.

Beta II terminal: The easy-to-use Beta II terminal offers a 4.3" color display screen and a touch pad with 8 well grouped keys. The unit displays baling pressures, bale diameters, start of tying/ wrapping and bale counts and allows operators to retrieve all spool and sensor functions.

Delta terminal: Delta has a 5.5" touch screen, a touch pad with 12 function keys and a dial, allowing operators to retrieve information on valve / sensor and diagnosing functions as well as yield data.

CCI 200 terminal: CCI 200 has a large 8.4" color touch screen, 12 function keys and a dial. This is the terminal for ISOBUS-compatible machines. Offering the same features as the Delta terminal, CCI 200 offers an extended yield metering functionality plus further app based optional functions.

High in output, low in maintenance

High in output, low in maintenance

  • Easy access for easy maintenance
  • Automatic chain lubrication
    Option on fixed-chamber Fortima models
  • Automatic chain tensioning

Easy maintenance for reduced costs: Not only is Fortima designed for highest densities and outputs but also for an uncluttered layout and easy access to all service points. Service and maintenance are as easy as it can get, with lubrication banks and automatic chain lubrication cutting effort and time down to a minimum. We took care of every detail.

Clean: To avoid downtime due to contaminated oil, the variable chamber Fortima features an oil strainer with a visual indicator – to ensure optimum functionality and peace of mind.

Operating like clockwork: Spring-loaded and automatic chain tensioners reduce the time spent on maintenance and provide for extended chain service life. Longevity is one of KRONE’s major concerns.

Maximum operator comfort: All ‘hidden’ lubrication points are grouped in easy-access lubrication banks, making service and maintenance less time- consuming and more convenient.

The running gear
You’ll go for this!

  • Auto-levelling in undulating terrain
  • Outstanding operator comfort
  • Excellent tracking

The universal machine: Special conditions require special equipment. To meet all our customers’ requirement, Fortima is available with a wide range of running gear. Choose from standard and tandem setups, braked and unbraked versions as well as air and hydraulic brakes (export version).

Choice of tires to suit your needs: The standard axle is available with 11.5/80 -15.3 10 PR to 500/50 -17 10 PR sized tires. Large flotation tires reduce the risk of ground compaction and rutting.

Light-footed and smooth-running: The optional tandem axle gives soft, quiet and safe running. The choice of tires available ranges from 11.5/80 -15.3 10 PR to 19.0/45 -17 10 PR.

Safety is key: An air brake system is available as optional specification for Fortima V 1500. Export models can be specified with hydraulic brakes.


Model Fortima V 1500
Bale width mm 1,200 (3'11")
Bale diameter mm 1,000 - 1,500
(3'3" - 4'11")
Length mm 4,570 (14'10")
Length incl. bale ejector mm 4,955 (16'3")
Height mm 2,700 (8'10")
Width of single-axle models if fitted
with the following tyres
11.5/80 -15.3/10 PR               mm
15.0/55 -17/10 PR                  mm
19.0/45 -17/10 PR                  mm
500/50 -17/10 PR                  mm

2,570 (8'5")
2,570 (8'5")
2,670 (8'9")
2,700 (8'10")
Width of tandem-axle models if fitted
with the following tyres
11.5/80 -15.3/10 PR              mm
15.0/55 -17/10 PR                 mm
19.0/45 -17/10 PR                 mm

2,735 (9')
2,840 (9'4")
2,950 (9'8")
Camless pick-up
Work width (DIN 11220)         mm

2,050 (6'9")
Number of tine rows 5
Feed rotor Standard
Rotor cutter
Maximum number of knives
Minimum knife spacing mm
Available tyres for single-axle models 11.5/80-15.3/10 PR
15.0/55-17/10 PR
19.0/45-17/10 PR
500/50-17/10 PR
Available tyres for tandem-axle models 11.5/80-15.3/10 PR
15.0/55-17/10 PR
19.0/45-17/10 PR
Power requirement approx. kW / hp 36 / 50
Power input 12 V
Driveshaft speed r / pm 540
Hydraulic couplers 2 sa
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